By Susan Ruddy

Penjor of Bali

Celebrating the Gifts of the Gods

  “Through the graceful arch of the penjor I glimpsed the world of the Balinese. I saw a culture enriched by the beauty of the ephemeral and the daily practice of gratitude for the gifts of life.” Susan Ruddy

Through this book, the legends surrounding their origins are explored as well as relevant threads of Bali’s history and traditions that provide a cultural context for the penjor. What are the different kinds of penjor, and what distinguishes them, one from another? Who are the people who – year after year, century after century – continue to create these ephemeral works of art? What are the values and belief systems from which penjor are born? What is their relevance in today’s modern culture?

The book take us from a visual and verbal overview of different penjor through a brief primer on the Balinese cultural context for penjor, with detailed descriptions of the process of creating penjor for Bali’s Galungan celebration, detailing how each element of the penjor is related to Bali’s pantheon of godly influences. This is the first book of its kind to focus on this aspect of Balinese culture and represents an important contribution to knowledge and understanding of the island's precious culture.

Book Specifications

  • Length 128 pages
  • Page Size 19.5 x 26 cm (portrait)
  • Presentation

    Hard cover Text, photography, and illustration.

  • Limited First Edition

    only 500 copies will be published.

The Author

Susan Ruddy

Susan Ruddy founded the Alaska Chapter of The Nature Conservancy in the 1980’s to bring science to bear on the identification and protection of biologically significant areas.

She also directed the Providence Alaska Foundation, where she championed the establishment of the Providence Cancer Center.

Ruddy served as vice chancellor for University Advancement at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she led a team in acquiring philanthropic gifts to expand science, engineering, and fine arts programs at UAA.

She was a journalist early in her career, and has written for several journals including NOW Bali

Penjor of Bali: Celebrating the Gifts of The Gods is her first book.


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